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reformer pilates x functional fitness

Reformer Pilates + Functional Fitness

Want to build body confidence, prevent injury, find new vitality and build your best body yet? Come train with us.
This is not just another Pilates studio! The only gym membership you need to build the resilient, powerful body you deserve. Our scientific exercise methodology does it all in one powerful workout known as RE-FIIT - Reformer Functional Intensive Interval Training (yeah that's why we've shortened the name).

A fusion of body conditioning reformer pilates with functional intensive interval training will maximise health and fitness benefits and deliver amazing results in record time. Plus, every workout is designed by our experienced physiotherapist to ensure movement patterns are safe and you get the most out of every session!

Group classes

Each group class uses our RE-FIIT exercise methodology - Reformer Pilates and Functional Intensive Interval Training for amazing results. Small class numbers, live coaching and close attention to form, our group classes challenge you safely with our intelligent exercise design!

With classes designed to build high level fitness, promote longevity, improve spinal health, and support pre and post pregnancy, there is something for everyone.


Our signature fitness workout. Fast paced Reformer Pilates and Functional Fitness for next level strength and fitness results! Build the body you love with Re-FIIT. No minimum fitness level required. 

Not suitable for pregnant women after 20 weeks. 


PRe-FIIT is designed to be pelvic floor safe, restore core and pelvic floor control, while building fitness and strength. Reformer training builds core and pelvic control while interval weight training builds functional strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Child friendly class.
Safe for pregnancy at all stages.


Designed to restore lower back and postural strength, endurance, pain and function, our Spine FIIT class is a slower paced workout delivering rehabilitation and fitness outcomes for clients.

Not suitable for pregnant women after 20 weeks.

Introducing Tech + Stretch

Enhance your technique and refine your form in our specialised Technical Workshop. Progress through the FIIT curriculum and conclude with a revitalising stretch! This is ideal for novices to seasoned athletes seeking to gain an advantage. 

PS. This is definitely a workout!

Our exercise methodology...

Developed by Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor Elise Badger, our revolutionary exercise methodology delivers a scientific, body friendly workout that has powerful results in a short amount of time. It's called RE-FIIT meaning Reformer Pilates Functional Intensive Interval Training. You get the best of everything with the fusion of reformer, weight training, plyometrics and intensive intervals. Strength, injury prevention, conditioning and mobility in one powerful workout. 


Meet the team

Our team of instructors are passionate about delivering world class workouts with the small town touch!