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Group Classes

50 minute workouts delivering a fusion of Reformer Pilates and Functional Fitness

Each class delivers our unique exercise methodology RE-FIIT. Our different types of classes tailor this experience for different needs. In each class you'll spend 30 minutes on the reformer, building core strength, postural strength, deep muscle conditioning and flexibility. Then you move into the FIIT component! This is a combination of weight training, body weight training, plyometric training, and intensive interval training for maximum benefits. You set the intensity by choosing weights that work for you, and our trainers will keep a close eye on your form to ensure you are getting the most out of every workout!

Our Classes


Our signature fitness workout. Fast paced Reformer Pilates and Functional Fitness for next level strength and fitness results! Build the body you love with Re-FIIT. Spend 30 minutes on the reformer, followed by weight training, cardio intervals and plyotmetrics to build your most resilient self yet! No minimum fitness level required.
Not suitable for pregnant women after 20 weeks. 


PRe-FIIT is designed to restore core and pelvic floor control while building full body fitness and strength. This pelvic floor friendly class is low impact but still challenging enough to deliver amazing fitness and health benefits. A great entry class into the Re-FIIT methodology but able to be levelled up to challenge all abilities.

Child friendly class.


Designed to restore lower back and postural strength, endurance, pain and function, our Spine FIIT class is a slower paced workout delivering rehabilitation and fitness outcomes for clients. Also perfect for those new to Re-FIIT and wanting to ease into a new style of workouts!

Not suitable for pregnant women after 20 weeks.

TECH + Stretch

Work on your technique and form in our dedicated Technical Workshop. Work through the FIIT syllabus and finish up with a conditioning stretch! Perfect for beginners to advanced athletes looking for that edge.

We recommend all members include this class in their routine.

bold sculpting

Physiotherapist designed workouts deliver maximum impact in record time by fusing Reformer Pilates and Functional Fitness

50 minute

Over-training is a common cause of gym-related injury. 50 minute sessions deliver 30 minutes on the reformer, and 15 minutes of interval training to keep you safe and fit fitness into a busy life

Small groups

(max 8 people)

With a maximum of 8 people in the room our instructors will coach you live and pay close attention to your form for that personal touch. You are more than a number at Āhua Studio

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Why not give it a go? Grab your Welcome Pass for unbeatable value at $50 for 4 sessions! And feel free to get in touch with us before your session to ask any questions you might have. 

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