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Physiotherapist designed workouts for powerful results achieved safely!

Yes you can do reformer pilates - but what you NEED is more than just reformer pilates. You need strength training for muscle mass and a sculpted physique, interval training for fitness, plyometrics for power and bone density, stretching for joint mobility and injury prevention. But how do you fit it all in?

Our Director, Elise Badger, a physiotherapist and pilates instructor with 15 years experience loved supporting her patients recovery from injury, but she also saw the potential for preventing injury with the right kind of exercise. Instead of treating injury, Elise became passionate about PREVENTION.  Developed over years and tested with real people, RE-FIIT was created!

This brand new exercise methodology delivers a fusion of reformer pilates, weight training, plyometrics and high intensity interval training principles. We believe in the power of this methodology to keep our clients safe, while delivering all the benefits of reformer pilates with other functional exercise modalities, to build resilient bodies that serve your lifestyle, rather than the other way around. 

Āhua Studio is a beautiful minimalist fitness studio in the heart of Cambridge, specialising in Reformer Pilates and Functional Intensive Interval Training. We believe environment contributes to wellbeing so our Cambridge studio is spacious, inviting and uncluttered.

Come and train with us. Our instructors deliver physiotherapist designed workouts live and we are passionate about form, to keep you safe, and so you get the most out of your workouts.

RE-FIIT and next level coaching honour your potential and the value of your time. The 45 minute workouts tick all the boxes of conditioning, strength, cardio fitness and mobility! This is not an easy workout - suitable for beginners to elite athletes, each workout is tailored to challenge you to your limit while keeping you safe.

From Elise

Thank you so much for stopping by, I truely appreciate your time and attention!

Here's a quick summary of me :

I have guided hundreds of clients in their rehab and wellbeing journeys from a state of pain, injury and fear, into freedom, function and fitness.

I have invested over 250 hours into professional development about the musculoskeletal system and am committed to continuing to up-skill my knowledge and capability.

With 15 years experience in health and wellbeing  at a professional and personal level, I bring next level knowledge into workout design, and personally mentor the Āhua Studio instructors to deliver the best service to all our clients. 

See you in the studio x

pilates instructor cambridge gym shelley scrafton

Shelley Scrafton

Shelley is passionate about empowering others to build body confidence and reach their potential. As a qualified physiotherapy assistant, pilates instructor and personal trainer, Shelley brings experience and knowledge to every session. Plus she's a keen endurance athlete - ask her about her epic goals for 2024!

pilates instructor personal trainer cambridge reformer pilates cambridge gym rosanna high

Rosanna High

Rosanna is dedicated to wholistic wellbeing with personal and professional interests in fitness and nutrition. As a professional dancer and qualified personal trainer she brings an eye for detail and knows how to support clients to reach their potential. Rosanna is currently completing her nutrition certificate and Reformer Pilates training.

pilates instructor reformer pilates cambridge gym catlyn calder

Catlyn Calder

Catlyn is committed to supporting clients develop healthy habits when it comes to fitness and wellbeing. As a certified barre instructor, she knows how to work the booty, and is dedicated to her Reformer Pilates training. Catlyn loves to bring energy and musicality to her workouts and as a mama of 2 littles, loves to support all clients to make fitness work for them.

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Reformer Pilates

The Reformer is an amazing resistance and mobility exercise machine designed to improve core strength, control, joint mobility, full body strength and improve motor patterning. Suitable for people of all exercise levels, from beginners to experts, the Reformer is a fun, challenging and exciting way to work out. 

Functional Fitness

Too often, workouts don't deliver functional benefits - functional fitness ensures that the body can achieve strength and endurance in movement patterns that matter! Things like bending, lifting, twisting, jumping, running, pushing and pulling safely, are all part of our Functional Fitness focus. 

Weight Training

Functional weight training is about building muscle mass and endurance to prevent injury. Lifting weights that make sense, keep you safe, and build muscle are a key focus. We incorporate plyometrics for power, and intensive interval training principles for optimal metabolic and longevity results.

Our Vision and Name

To form resilient bodies through intelligent exercise design.

āhua | to form
āhua | shape, condition, form, nature, figure

When coming up with a name for my fitness studio my brother in law (Ngā Puhi) gifted me this word, āhua. My brother in law and kiako helped me to understand this word more fully and it captures the hope I have for every person who walks through the doors of Āhua studio. Huringa āhua is about transformation of the form or condition. That's the dream for every client - transformation from one condition or form to a better, more resilient version of themselves - the best shape of their lives. It's a privilege to use this word, to be informed and guided by it's meaning and to spread te reo even in this small capacity.

The Director

With 15 years experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and rehabilitation pilates, Elise is bringing this knowledge into the fitness space to transform client's outcomes for the better.

Elise is a busy mother of 2 (with one on the way), a passionate Cambridge local, and loves to be out in nature with her husband and kids whenever possible.